Cy Tax Consultants
All about Cyprus, vat, income tax and companies registration procedures

Our history:

Cy Tax Consultants was founded by Mr. Nicholas Pais, who has a 23-year history of successfully serving in different capacities with big accounting firms and as a tax officer in the Income Tax Office of Cyprus, where he gained valuable professional experience that helped him build his good professional reputation.

The founder’s vision was to set up an organization that offers specialised professional tax business and advisory services for corporations and individuals who face problems regarding tax and business issues.

Our long-term establishment in the industry of professional tax and business advisory services has proved to be consistent,
trustworthy, and effective in the tax cases we had completed.

Market demands have brought our corporation to rapidly expansion in Europe, with the main goal to deliver high standard specialised tax and business advisory services for individuals and corporations who have tax needs and requirements for the formation of international corporations with European profiles.

Cyprus, as a full Europe Member state, has established the lower 10% corporation tax rate among the other Europe Members.

Cy Tax Consultants has introduced a revolutionary way to organize its services and has created Internet-based
software for smooth and efficient time management, preparation, administration, and decision-making processes to handle day-to-day procedures.

Our own tailor-made Internet-based software delivers high-level office automation and categorises, standardises, and creates a tool to perform watching, approval, administration, decision making, invoicing, and communication of all actions and activities within the corporation. Our long-term goal is to deliver high-level organised and quality services and create a chain of associates worldwide through our Internet-based application software.

Why do business with us?

Our corporation:
• We are among the leaders in taxation and business consulting services.
• We specialise in offering services for market research and feasibility studies and finding financing sources for
new investment opportunities for new business projects.
• We operate in an advanced professional business environment, with new methodologies in the
organization and delivery of our services through advanced web-based software technology.
• We target high-standard services.
• We are dedicated to delivering the right consultation and solution to any problem.
• We employ experienced, dedicated, and competent human resources to deliver common targets.
• We have created a staff of agents with common targets and vision.
• Our goal − To promote the accountancy profession by means of high standards of services and maximum    professionalism.
• Our mission − To offer class-A services for class-A clients and to deliver quality international business consulting,   tax planning, and accounting services with consistency, high professionalism, and respect to our clients.
• The secret of our success – We are committed to delivering the right personal consultation and solution to   problems with fair prices. Our firm was organized with targeted professional specifications in order to give fast,    effective, and high standard services.

Organizations and persons:

Who may benefit − organizations and persons:

• Those with outstanding tax issues or other issues with their local tax authorities and would like to be informed of   their tax obligations from our Ex Inland Revenue Officer, a competent tax consultant with valuable tax experience.
• Those whose tax issues that are backdated and outstanding for examination without ever clearing and who desire   to take action in order to clear them.
• Individuals who like to invest in new business projects and ideas and who require professional consultation from  independent business and tax consultants to prepare a feasibility study and market research and provide a source  of funding from European funds, third-party investors, or banking and financial institutions.
• Greeks and international investors who wish to set up an International Cyprus Company in order to gain the
10% lower corporation tax in Europe, with 0% dividend tax in Cyprus. The procedure is 100% legal and in  accordance with international double taxation treaties.
• Those who wish to open a secure offshore bank account with a reputable banker.
• Formation of a Cyprus Company, which is a well-accepted corporation, set up in accordance with money   laundering and European law.
• Organizations and persons who like to have quality and value in tax and business consulting services.